School of Biological Sciences

We have embraced advances in biology that have blurred the lines between traditional areas of study. Our 44 full time faculty take a collaborative approach to their work by incorporating multiple disciplines and organizational levels.

Our 90 graduate students choose from one of three research specializations to explore life from molecules to ecosystems. We offer competitive research and teaching assistantships that prepare students for successful careers in academia or private industry.

Close to 725 students with a biological sciences major develop a broad understanding of life sciences to bring to their potential careers. We offer an anatomy course that utilizes cadavers, research opportunities in everything from behavioral ecology to virology, and hands-on field courses at Cedar Point Biological Station.

Welcome from the Director, Dr. Valery Forbes

Welcome to the School of Biological Sciences. Our research and teaching cover all levels of biological organization – from molecules to ecosystems – with a focus on integrating across levels. Our faculty are well-supported by external grants for their research, and publish actively in the top biological journals. We have one of the largest undergraduate programs in the College of Arts and Sciences, and our student numbers continue to grow. Our faculty are deeply engaged in teaching, in implementing modern pedagogical methods, and in involving students (at all levels) in their research. We are presently leading a university-wide initiative to implement a new Life Sciences undergraduate curriculum. In other words, the School of Biological Sciences is an exciting place to be!