Chad Brassil

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Associate Professor Biological Sciences 402-419-0076 Manter Hall 416

Research Interests

I use mathematical tools to address ecological questions from a theoretical perspective as well as a statistical perspective.  My work has crossed systems from plants to predators, from antler flies to Pacific salmon.  My lab constructs general models of ecological systems at the population or community level, but it also includes collaborative work with empiricists on the structure of prairie communities.  In-house, my lab is developing duckweed communities as a flexible empirical system in which to test general theoretical principles.  One of the major themes of my work is addressing the consequences of temporal fluctuations for ecological systems.  This is an important area of investigation because global climate change models predict increasingly variable weather patterns.

Recent Publications

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  • Mathematical Modeling of Ecological Interactions
  • Ph.D. University of Toronto
  • B.A. University of St. Thomas