School of Biological Science Seminar
April 30, 2015 - 3:30 pm in Hamilton Hall 112

Dr. Ron Cerny
Department of Chemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

"The Mass Spec Tool Box"

Mass spectrometry (MS) is the most versatile and heavily utilized analytical tool of life science research. Because of its combination of sensitivity, specificity, and speed, it is widely used in proteomics, lipidomics, glycomics, metabolomics and trace analysis. The more routine applications involve both qualitative and/or quantitative measurements, often in combination with a separation method such as GC or LC.

Recent advances in the field, however, have opened up new opportunities for the characterization of biomolecules. Ion Mobility mass spectrometry (IMS) can analyze molecules based not only on their mass but also on their size and shape. Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange (HDX) can be used to characterize proteins and protein-ligand interactions by studying the tertiary structure of the molecule. Developments in computational methods have made possible the study of health related issues such as the characterization of protein contaminants in potential protein therapeutics (Host Cell Proteins) and allergenic contaminants related to food safety.

School of Biological Sciences Seminar Series

The School of Biological Sciences Seminar is a weekly series presented by invited speakers and UNL faculty to showcase current research advances in biological sciences. All School of Biological Sciences Seminars are free and open to the public.

Seminars are on Thursdays at 3:30 pm in Hamilton Hall 112 on the UNL City Campus.

Coffee and cookie reception served 3:00 pm in Manter Hall 103.

January 15 -- Warren Porter, University of Wisconsin

"Connecting art and science to determine climate change effects on leatherback sea turtle oceanic and nesting distributions"
Hosted by Dr. Valery Forbes

January 22 -- Claudia Bank, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

"Epistasis and shifting fitness landscapes"
Hosted by Dr. Peter Angeletti
Infectious Disease Biologist Candidate

January 29 -- No Seminar
February 5 -- Wendy Turner, University of Oslo

“Host, Pathogen, and Environmental Effects on Transmission of the Lethal Anthrax Bacterium”
Hosted by Dr. Peter Angeletti
Infectious Disease Biologist Candidate

February 12 -- Clayton Cressler, Queen's University

"Food Fight:  How the Competing Resource Needs of Hosts and Parasites Shapes the Ecology and Evolution of Disease"
Hosted by Dr. Peter Angeletti
Infectious Disease Biologist Candidate

February 19 -- James Estes, University of California-Santa Cruz

"Sea Otters and Kelp Forests: Questions, Approaches, and Perspectives"
Hosted by Dr. John DeLong
Lamb Lecture

February 26 -- Ken Stedman, Portland State University

"Viruses from Hell: Unique viruses from Extreme Environments"
Hosted by Dr. Karrie Weber and Dr. James Van Etten
Prather Lecture

March 5 -- Greg Lang, Lehigh University

"Genome Sequence Evolution in Experimental Yeast Populations"
Hosted by Dr. Wayne Riekhof

March 12 -- Bret Peyseur, University of Wisconsin

“Testing Genetic Models of Speciation”
Hosted by Dr. Colin Meiklejohn

March 19 -- Kendra Greenlee, North Dakota State University

"Developmental Physiology of Insects"
Hosted by Dr. Kristi Montooth

April 2 -- Jeff Sall, University of California-San Francisco

"Anesthetic Effects on Brain Development in Rodents and Children"
Hosted by Dr. Bill Glider
2nd Annual Biology Alumnus Seminar

April 9 -- Daniel Matute, University of North Carolina

"Hybrid Inviability in Drosophila"
Hosted by Dr. Daizaburo Shizuka

April 16 -- Jacquelyn Gill, University of Maine

"How to Create a Novel Community in Two Easy Steps: Pleistocene Extinctions and Abrupt Climate Change Drove No-analog Plant Associations"
Hosted by Dr. John DeLong

April 23 -- Sean Lema, California Polytechnic State University

"The Phenotypic Plasticity of Death Valley's Pupfishes"
Hosted by Dr. Tony Zera

April 30 -- Ron Cerny, UNL-Department of  Chemistry

"The Mass Spec Tool Box"
Hosted by Dr. Valery Forbes

Biotechnology/Life Science Seminar Series

The Biotechnology/Life Sciences Seminar is a weekly series sponsored by the Center for Biotechnology that features experts in biotechnology and life sciences and promoted collaborative opporunties for UNL researchers.

Seminars are on Wednesdays at 4:00 pm in Beadle Center E103 (1901 Vine Street).

Reception served 3:30 pm.

Spring 2015
January 21 -- Paul Blum, UNL, School of Biological Sciences

"The Synthetic and Omic Biology of Extremophiles"

January 28 -- K. Eric Wommack, University of Delaware

"Uncovering the biology of unknown viruses through metagenomics and nucleotide metabolism genes"
Hosted by Dr. Daniel Schachtman, Center for Biotechnology

February 4 -- Rongling Wu, Penn State University

"Functional Mapping: A Computational Framework to Dissect Complex Phenotypes as a Dynamic System"
Hosted by Dr. Aaron Lorenz and Dr. Harkamal Walia, Department of Agronomy and Horticulture

February 11 -- Mathias Lichterfeld, Massachusetts General Hospital; Harvard Medical School; The Ragon Institute

"Cellular reserviors of HIV-1 long-term persistence despite antiretroviral therapy"
Hosted by Dr. Qingsheng Li

February 18 -- Judy Cannon, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center

"T cell movement during the immune response and leukemia"
Hosted by Dr. Deb Brown

February 25 -- William Royer, Univeristy of Massachusetts Medical School

"Regulation of biological activity through protein dimerization: crystallographic analyses of invertebrate hemoglobins and interferon regulatory factors"
Hosted by Dr. Jay Storz

March 4 -- Miles Wilkinson, Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine, University of California, San Diego School of Medicine

"Gene Paralogs, RNA, and Nonsense"
Hosted by Dr. Audrey Atkin

March 11 -- Yanbin Yin, Northern Illinois University

"Genomic Approaches to the Study of Plant Cell Wall Evolution from Algae to Angiosperms"
Hosted by Dr. Chi Zhang

March 18 -- Noah Cowan, The Johns Hopkins University

"Feedback Control as a Framework for Understanding Tradeoffs in Biology"
Hosted by Dr. Kristi Montooth

April 1 -- Dean DellaPenna, Michigan State University

"Integrating biochemical genomics and quantitative genetics to balance the nutritional content of plants"
Hosted by Dr. Brian Larkins, Associate Vice Chancellor for the Life Sciences at UNL

April 8 -- Georg Jander, Boyer Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Cornell University

"A genetic and biochemical basis for natural variation in maize aphid resistance"
Hosted by Dr. Joe Louis, Department of Entomology

April 15 -- Richard Kuhn, Purdue University

"Structure and Replication of Dengue Virus"
Hosted by Dr. Jiri Adamec, Department of Biochemistry

April 22 -- Matthew Sullivan, University of Arizona

"Seeing and organizing the marine virosphere to advance viral ecology"
Hosted by Dr. Jim Van Etten, Department of Plant Pathology