Biology Advising
Biology Advising

Academic Advisors
Wendy O’Connor &  Mikayla Mericle

Manter Hall 111
Phone: 402-472-1464

Wendy O'Connor 

Biology Advising Blackboard Group (Log-in Required)

College of Arts and Sciences Academic and Career Advising Center

Wendy O’Connor and Mikayla Mericle are your assigned Major Advisors in the School of Biological Sciences (SBS). Along with helping you choose classes right for you, Wendy and Mikayla will also help you:

  • Navigate degree requirements and ACE requirements
  • Learn how to read your degree audit
  • Explore career options
  • Learn how to access and read the Undergraduate Catalog
  • Get help adjusting to life on campus
  • Find research, internship and shadowing opportunities
  • Learn about School of Biological Sciences faculty and how to get in contact with them
  • Explore options for continuing your education (graduate and professional schools)

Transfer Equivalency Procedures

How to make an appointment

Appointments can be made using your MyPLAN tab in Blackboard. Appointments are typically 30 minutes long. If you would like to develop a graduation plan, please schedule an hour. You can also call Biology Advising at (402) 472-1464 to schedule an appointment.

Developing a Graduation Plan

A graduation plan is used to map out your degree requirements to give you a better idea what is expected to graduate. It is a good idea to develop a graduation plan, but they are by no means a permanent plan. As you come in each semester, we will review the plan and adjust as needed. Prior to you appointment, take some time to study the bulletin and come up with some ideas what you want to take.

Graduation Plan Worksheet

Graduation Checks

Every semester, we send an email out to all seniors with the following request: “If you plan to graduate next semester, please reply to this email so we can check your audit on time for you to add classes (if need be) so you can graduate on time. We only check the audits of those of you who reply to this email!” The email is sent out as a final back-up. The best thing to do is to see us in person every semester you are at UNL, especially the semester before you plan to graduate, so we can ensure that you will be able to do so!

Advisor/Student Responsibilities

The mentoring relationship between academic advisors and students is confidential and is strengthened by advisors listening with understanding to student questions and concerns. In Biology Advising, it is the advisor’s responsibility to stay informed on departmental, college and university policies concerning academic advising issues. In addition, it is the advisor’s responsibility to prepare for each appointment as thoroughly as possible by reviewing student records and notes from any previous appointments students may have had.

Students are ultimately responsible for fulfilling all the requirements for the curriculum in which they are enrolled. Students are also responsible for initiating advising contacts and preparing for advising sessions.

Tips on how you can take responsibility for your university experience and advising appointments:

  • Be prepared! Be sure of the classes you need to take so you are ready to register during priority registration. Biology Advising has appointments set aside specifically for this purpose just prior to priority registration.
  • Identify some class choices based on degree requirements, major requirements and your own interests.
  • Identify questions you may have before you come in for your appointment.
  • Let advisors know about any special needs, deficiencies, or other issues that might affect your academic success.
  • Know your degree and major requirements.