Careers in Biological Sciences

Careers in Biological Sciences
Careers in Biological Sciences

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As in any field of study, some careers require education beyond the Bachelor’s degree. However, there are also possibilities for the bachelor level biologist! The following are just a few of the many available careers that await you in the field of biological sciences.

As a student, you should build your career and seek opportunities, such as research experience and internships, to supplement and apply what you learn in the classroom.

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Genome sequencing, developing and studying nanotechnology, and studying a variety of systems from the largest of earth’s ecosystems to the mysteries of a microbe are just a few examples of what a biotechnologist might do. Biotechnology is everywhere, and biotechnologists work in a variety of settings such as genomic sequencing firms, biofuel manufacture, genetic counseling clinics, and in various areas in the medical field. (BS and MS level)

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Environmental Scientist

Environmental Scientists study various aspects of the environment ranging from birds, mammals, marine life, and flora and fauna. Environmental scientists are frequently employed by State or Federal government agencies, partner agencies, colleges and universities, and industry. (BS and MS level)


Healthcare Professional

A variety of careers exist in the field of healthcare. Majoring in biological sciences offers solid preparation for further education in the fields of Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, Optometry, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Dentistry and more.


Medical/Technical Writer

Medical and technical writers compile information for a variety of uses including technical manuals, patient education and communication, bio-equipment instruction for both patients and sales. (BS and MS level)

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Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife Biologists are specialists that independently provide advisory and consultative services on wildlife research, development and management. Wildlife Biologists frequently work for state or federal agencies, particularly for the game and parks services. (BS and MS level)