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Research Assistant Professor Biological Sciences Advisor: Storz Manter Hall 320

Research Interests

My research focus is to study the molecular adaptation of organisms that survives high-altitude environments. Adaptation is a multidimensional entity that has to be studied carefully from the nucleotide (genes, transcriptome) to amino acid levels (proteins, proteome). The genome and the proteome defined an organism, but it also provides a pragmatic map to understand the evolution. I use a systematic approach to study the genotype-phenotype relationship by integrating the tools and theories from population genetics, phylogenetics, structural biology, and protein biochemistry. Hemoglobin is an excellent protein to study molecular adaptation and understand the structure-function relationship. Understanding the protein function by resurrecting common ancestral proteins and comparing them with modern-day protein from the extant organisms can help us to predict the course of evolution.

Recent Publications

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Ph.D. Kerala University, India

M.Sc. Madras University, India


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Evolutionary biochemistry, Protein evolution and Molecular Biology