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Ph.D. Student Biological Sciences Advisor: Hebets and Tenhumberg Manter Hall 402

Research Interests

I am a PhD student with broad interests in the causes and consequences of behavioral variation within and among individuals. My master’s research focused on the impact of predictable (e.g., daily and seasonal) shifts in environmental conditions on optimal behavioral strategies in spiders, and I am now pursuing similar questions regarding variation in mate choice behavior and sexual selection. I am currently using a population comparison approach to characterize intraspecific variation in male displays and female mate choice in Schizocosa wolf spiders. I plan to combine this approach with mathematical modeling, experimental manipulations, and a population genetics framework to better understand the long-term consequences of environmental variation on the stability of mate choice and the diversification of sexual communication systems.

  • Ecology, Evolution & Behavior (EEB)
  • Dr. Eileen Hebets