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Faculty and Staff

The School of Biological Sciences faculty is doing compelling, innovative work. Their instruction, mentorship, and successes is integral to turning students’ curiosity into fruitful results. Find out more about them and their expertise below.


T.O. Haas Research Awards

2017 - Dr. John DeLong
2016 - Dr. Chi Zhang
2014 - Dr. Bin Yu
2014 - Dr. Paul Blum
2013 - Dr. Qingsheng Li
2013 - Dr. Stacey Smith
2012 - Dr. Jenn Brisson

T.O. Haas Teaching Awards

2017 - Dr. Peter Angeletti
2014 - Dr. Luwen Zhang
2014 - Dr. Chad Brassil
2013 - Dr. William Glider
2012 - Dr. T. Jack Morris

T.O. Haas Service Awards

2017 - Dr. Karrie Weber
2016 - Dr. William Wagner
2014 - Dr. Eileen Hebets (Outreach)
2012 - Dr. Etsuko Moriyama

Staff Awards

2014 - Tammy Kortum
2013 - Clinton Berg
2012 - Beth Whitaker

College of Arts and Sciences Applause Awards

May 2013 - Beth Whitaker
August 2012 - Brad Nauman
February 2012 - Barb Nordmeyer

Parents Association Award for Contribution to Students

2016 - Dr. Gwen Bachman (11x), Dr. Scott Gardner (12x), Dr. Brian Couch (1x) and Marianna Burks (1x)

Committee and Section Chairs

Executive Committee

Dr. Michael Herman

Promotion & Tenure Committee

Dr. Alan Christensen

Peer Review of Teaching Committee

Dr. David Woodman

Curriculum Committee

Dr. Colin Meiklejohn

Special Funds & Awards Committee

Dr. Eric Weaver

Undergraduate Affairs & Grade Appeals Committee

Dr. Bill Glider

Graduate Committee

Dr. Wayne Riekhof

Ecology, Evolution & Behavior Graduate Specialization

Dr. Kristi Montooth & Dr. Diana Pilson

Genetics, Cellular & Molecular Biology Graduate Specialization

Dr. Ken Nickerson & Dr. Karrie Weber