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Ph.D. Student Biological Sciences Advisor: Weber Manter 402

Research Interests

Olivia Healy is a member of Dr. Karrie Weber's Microbial Biogeochemistry & Geomicrobiology Lab. Olivia has an undergraduate Chemistry degree with a concentration in Biochemistry from Warren Wilson College. She is interested in how microorganisms influence iron and nitrogen biogeochemical cycling in terrestrial environments. She specifically investigates the process of iron reduction coupled to ammonium oxidation (Feammox) to determine whether Feammox is abiotic or microbially catalyzed. Understanding the process of Feammox will improve the mechanistic understanding of terrestrial N and Fe biogeochemical cycling and estimating N loss from terrestrial ecosystems.

  • Genetics, Cell & Molecular Biology (GCMB)
  • Dr. Karrie Weber