School of Biological Sciences Seminar Series

School of Biological Sciences Seminar Series

Seminars are on Thursdays at 3:30 pm in Hamilton Hall 112 on the UNL City Campus.

The School of Biological Sciences Seminar Series is a weekly series presented by invited speakers and UNL faculty to showcase current research advances in biological sciences. All School of Biological Sciences Seminars are free and open to the public.


January 18 -- Andrew Park, University of Georgia, Odum School of Ecology

"Parasite Host Range: Pattern, Process and Prediction"

Hosted by Dr. Clay Cressler

January 25 -- No Seminar

February 1 -- Nicole Creanza, Vanderbilt University, Department of Biological Sciences

"The Evolution of Learned Behaviors: Insights From Birds and Humans"

Hosted by Dr. Dai Shizuka

February 8 -- Pete Marra, Smithsonian's National Zoo, Migratory Bird Center

"Studying Birds in the Context of the Annual Cycle: Carry-over Effects and Seasonal Interactions"
Hosted by Dr. Robert Zink

February 15 -- No Seminar
February 22 -- Jeffrey Good,University of Montana, Division of Biological Sciences

"Climate Change and the Evolution of Seasonal Camouflage"
Hosted by Dr. Colin Meiklejohn

March 1 -- Ximena Bernal, Purdue University, Department of Biological Sciences

"Ornaments, Enemies and Sensory Filters in the Evolution of Communication Systems"
Hosted by Dr. Eileen Hebets

March 8 -- Annette Hynes, Univeristy of Georgia, Department of Marine Sciences

"Oxygen Rhythms: Modeling Metabolism in Two Coastal Estuaries"

Hosted by Dr. William Glider and Biology Club
Undergraduate Alumnus Seminar

March 15 -- Matt Bolek, Oklahoma State University, Department of Integrative Biology

"Butterflies, Milkweed and STDs, Oh My!  Observations on the Transmission and Natural History of the Neogregarine, Ophryocystis elektroscirrha in the monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus."
Hosted by Dr. Jean Knops
Graduate Alumnus Seminar

March 29 -- Anne Madden, North Carolina State University, Department of Applied Ecology

"Translating Fundamental Research into Commercial Applications: How a Wasp Helped the Brewing Industry Make Better Beers"
Hosted by Tyler Corey and GCMB Graduate Students
Prather Lecture

April 5 -- Rachel Penczykowski, Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Biology

"Plant-pathogen interactions over a latitudinal gradient: potential consequences of variation in winter climate"
Hosted by Dr. Clay Cressler

April 12 -- Clark Coffman, Iowa State University, Department of Genetics, Development & Cell Biology

"Enhancing Student Achievement in Large-Enrollment Classrooms"
Hosted by Dr. Brian Couch

April 19 -- Feng Zhang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, McGovern Institute for Brain Research

"Advances in Genome Editing Technologies"
Hosted by Dr. Audrey Atkin
Georgi-Militzer Seminar - note location change! Hamilton Hall TBA

April 26 -- Susan Whitehead, Virginia Tech, Department of Biological Sciences

"Evolutionary Ecology of Toxic Fruit: Mediating Mutualisms and Averting Antagonisms"

Hosted by Tyler Corey and EEB Graduate Students
Lamb Lecture

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