School of Biological Sciences Seminar Series

School of Biological Sciences Seminar Series

Thursdays at 3:30 pm in Hamilton Hall 112 on the university's City Campus.

The School of Biological Sciences Seminar Series is a weekly series presented by invited speakers and UNL faculty to showcase current research advances in biological sciences. All School of Biological Sciences Seminars are free and open to the public.


January 10 -- Orientation


January 17 -- CANCELLED -- Casey Bergman - University of Georgia 

“Evolutionary Insights into the Horizontal Transfer and Copy Number Control of Transposable Elements in Saccharomyces Yeasts”

Hosted by: Colin Meiklejohn


January 24 -- Gordon Fox - University of South Florida


Hosted by: Erin Carr


January 31 -- No Seminar


February 7 -- No Seminar - Graduate Student Recruitment


February 14 -- Anna Selmecki - Creighton University

“The Impact of Polyploidy and Aneuploidy on Fungal Adaptation and Drug Resistance”

Hosted by: Kristi Montooth


February 21 -- Ruud Schilder - Penn State

"Factors that mediate naturally occurring variation in insect flight (muscle) performance"

Hosted by: Kristi Montooth


February 28 -- Yanbin Yin - University of Nebraska - Lincoln

 "Genomic data mining for enzymes in complex carbohydrate metabolism"

Hosted by: Karrie Weber


March 7 -- Anna Zinoveya - Kansas State University

“Molecular control of microRNA gene-regulatory activity.”

Hosted by: Michael Herman


March 14 -- Anthony Dell - National Great Rivers Research and Education Center


Hosted by: John DeLong


March 21 -- No Seminar


March 28 -- J. Cameron Thrash - Univ. of Southern California

"Results of Microbe Hunting in Coastal Waters"

Hosted by: Karrie Weber


April 4 -- Ann Tate - Vanderbilt University

“The Ecological and Evolutionary Drivers of Natural Variation in Host-microbe Interactions”

Hosted by: Riley Cooper


April 11 -- Undergraduate Alumni Series: Erik Lundquist - University of Kansas

"Axon guidance in neural circuit formation"

Hosted by: Bill Glider


April 18 -- Holly Moeller - Univ. of California - Santa Barbara

“Trade, Borrow, or Steal: How Acquired Metabolism Fuels Ecological Opportunity and Evolutionary Innovation”

Hosted by: John DeLong


April 25 -- Amelia Villasenor -- University of Arkansas


Hosted by: Kate Lyons

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