School of Biological Sciences Seminar Series

School of Biological Sciences Seminar Series

Thursdays at 3:30 pm in Hamilton Hall 112 on the university's City Campus.

The School of Biological Sciences Seminar Series is a weekly series presented by invited speakers and UNL faculty to showcase current research advances in biological sciences. All School of Biological Sciences Seminars are free and open to the public.

FALL 2018

August 23 -- Orientation

August 30 -- Joseph Coolon - Wesleyan University

"The genetic basis of octanoic acid resistance in Drosophila sechellia"

Hosted by: Michael Herman

September 6 -- No Seminar

September 13 -- Anna Selmecki - Creighton University

"The impact of polyploidy and aneuploidy on fungal adaptation and drug resistance"

Hosted by: Kristi Montooth

September 20 -- Robert Unckless - University of Kansas

"The causes of balancing selection on immunity genes: from populations to molecular interactions"

Hosted by: Colin Meiklejohn

September 27 -- Daniel Schachtman - University of Nebraska

"How the core facilities at the Nebraska Center for Biotechnology can help with your research"

Hosted by: Michael Herman

October 4 -- Brian Couch - P&T Seminar 

"Building bridges: Bringing faculty and students into alignment on the use of formative assessments"

Hosted by: Alan Christensen

October 11 -- Eric Weaver - P&T Seminar

"In Search of Universal Influenza Vaccines"

Hosted by: Alan Christensen

October 18 -- Clay Cressler - 4 Year Review

"Parasite burden and infection duration variation among individuals: ubiquitous patterns with a common cause?"

Hosted by: Alan Christensen

October 25 -- Dai Shizuka - 4 Year Review

"Populations as social networks: Unraveling the complexity of winter social life of a migrant sparrow"

Hosted by: Alan Christensen

November 1 -- Bin Yu - Promotion to Full Review

"Small RNA biogenesis in plants"
Hosted by: Alan Christensen

November 8 -- David Civitello - Emory University

"Can host-parasite energetcs improve disease management?"
Hosted by: Clay Cressler

November 15 -- Lila Fishman - University of Montana

"The genomic basis of monkeyflower adaptation to an extreme geothermal habitat"
Hosted by: Kristi Montooth

November 22 -- Thanksgiving - No Seminar

November 29 -- Peter Andolfatto - Princeton University

"Constraints on adaptation revealed by the convergent evolution of toxin insensitivity."

Hosted by: Jay Storz

December 6 -- Mia Levine - University of Pennsylvania


Hosted by: Colin Meiklejohn

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