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Ph.D. Student Biological Sciences Advisor: Hebets Manter Hall 402

Research Interests

Broadly, I am interested in the “building blocks” of context-specific, complex communication displays, including (1) what signals/cues are used in different social contexts, (2) how responses to those signals/cues are similar/different across contexts, (3) the sensory mechanisms that production of and responses to these signals/cues are based on, and (4) how an organism’s ecology impacts selection on its communication system. I am exploring these questions using the amblypygid Paraphrynus laevifrons (Class Arachnida), which is distributed across Costa Rica in a variety of different ecosystems. I aim to use a comparative framework to examine how differences in habitat characteristics may lead to differences in the form and frequency of social interactions in P. laevifrons, and how these differences may affect selective pressures on the communication system of this species.

  • Ecology, Evolution & Behavior (EEB)
  • Dr. Eileen Hebets