Let curiosity move you to major or minor in biological sciences!


When you major in biological sciences you can explore the living world—from molecules to ecosystems! You will have the opportunity to take an anatomy course that utilizes cadavers or study at the Cedar Point Biological Station that offers handson lab and field courses during the summer. You will put concepts of biology into real-world practice in a unique setting.

Requirements for the major include coursework in cell and molecular biology, biodiversity, genetics, ecology and evolution. Beyond that, dive deep and explore your particular interests—microbiology, ecology, genetics or physiology— through research, coursework, and independent study directed by a faculty member.


  • Standard: students choose their own combination of advanced courses from subareas of cell biology, organismal biology, genetics, ecology, and evolution
  • Human Health and Disease: students combine a strong biological sciences education with a focus on the health and disease of humans


In the College of Arts and Sciences, we know experience is valuable and goes beyond the classroom. We strive to help you connect your academics with research, internships, education abroad, service learning and leadership experiences. Take advantage of opportunities in biological sciences such as:

  • Studying abroad in Costa Rica with the Organization for Tropical Studies
  • Serving as the Biology Club president
  • Working as the Human Anatomy Lab teaching assistant
  • Volunteering for the Alzheimer’s Association of Nebraska
  • Researching in the Center for Virology or the Center for Biotechnology


Biology is a broad field providing numerous, diverse career options. You may choose to continue on to professional school for a career in clinical healthcare or work in public health, health policy or health care administration. You might choose to work as a food industry researcher, conservationist or zookeeper. You can also explore the pharmaceutical realm in sales or production. Biomedical research, genetic counseling and bioinformatics are additional career options. Here are examples of recent graduates’ employment:

  • Clinical Data Quality Specialist / CELERION, INC.
  • DNA Lab Tech / GENESEEK
  • Epidemiology Preparedness Coordinator / Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
  • Hospital Generalist / PATHOLOGY MEDICAL SERVICES
  • Mental Health Tech / TOUCHSTONE
  • Produce Safety Coordinator / Montana Department of Agriculture
  • Scientist / San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research
  • Veterinary Assistant / ANIMAL CARE CLINIC