Biology Graduate Student Association

Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA)
Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA)

Our main purpose is to serve as a representative body for School of Biological Sciences (SBS) graduate students and to promote a closer relationship among graduate students studying biological sciences. Secondarily, we serve as a channel of communication between graduate students, staff, faculty and administration.

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  • President, Tyler Corey
  • Vice President, Abhilesh Dhawanjewar
  • Treasurer, Itzela Cruz
  • Secretary, Anisha Pokharel
  • GSA Representive, Erin Carr
  • Faculty Advisor, Dr. Eileen Hebets
  • Graduate Student Invited Speaker Co-Chairs: Reilly Cooper & Alaina Pfenning

BGSA Syposium

April 12, 2019 
Sheldon Museum

Poster and abstracts due by 5 pm on March 25, 2019!

Abstract Submission Guidelines:

  1. All authors (including affiliation if different than UNL)
  2. Poster Title
  3. Abstract of not more than 250 words
  4. Submit abstract here:

Posters should be able to fit within 46 by 46 inches.