Cadaver Program
Cadaver Program

Our human anatomy lab partners with the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) to provide undergraduates the unique experience of studying anatomy on human cadavers. During any given semester, we make five prosected cadavers available to our students. In both the Fall and Spring semesters,  two cadavers are returned to UNMC and two new cadavers, a male and a female, are brought into the labs. All of the cadaver dissections are performed by the Anatomy TAs with assistance from the Anatomy Interns under the direction of the Laboratory Supervisor and Head TA.

Respect & Privacy

Cadaver Lab

Out of respect for the gift an individual gives in donating their body to science and for the privilege of using that gift in our teaching, only authorized individuals are allowed access to the cadaver for authorized use. Authorized individuals include faculty of the School of Biological Sciences, students enrolled in BIOS 214 Human Anatomy for teaching purposes, and other individuals with permission from the Laboratory Supervisor.

NOTHING leaves the lab without the permission of Dr. David Woodman or Laboratory Supervisor Vicki Hurd.

Absolutely no photographs may be taken of the cadavers.

Donation of Humanity

Individuals choose before their death to donate their bodies to science. Neither donors nor their families receive payment. It is a gift.

Through their generous contribution to the advancement of medical education and research, these individuals are respected and honored.

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