George N. Lamb Lectureship

The George N. Lamb Lectureship is made possible through a bequest to the Department of Botany (now part of the School of Biological  Sciences) from the estate of the late George N. Lamb. Mr. Lamb was a student at UNL where he received his B.S. and M.S. degrees under the guidance of Dr. Charles Bessey. He was an authority on the woods of the world and had great influence nationally on the husbandry and use of woods, principally walnut and mahogany. Through this bequest, graduate students are able to meet and interact with an outstanding scientist.

2021  Dr. Christine Bacon, University of Gothenburg

2020 Dr. Colin Orians, Tufts University

2019  Dr. Gordon Fox, University of South Florida

2018  Dr. Susan Whitehead, Virginia Tech

2017  Dr. Christopher Balakrishnan, East Carolina University

2016  Dr. Joan Strassmann, Washington University in St. Louis

2015  Dr. James Estes, University of California Santa Cruz

1996  Drs. Jerry & Carol Baskin, University of Kentucky

1989  Dr. Michael Clegg, University of California Riverside

1988  Dr. Christopher Somerville, Michigan State University

1987  Dr. Deborah Delmer, University of California Davis

1986  Dr. Nicholas Waser, University of California Riverside

1985  Dr. Virginia Walbot, Stanford University

1984  Dr. Donald Levin, University of Texas

1983  Dr. Nam Hai Chua, Rockefeller University

1982  Dr. Janis Antonovics, Duke University

1981  Dr. William Ogren, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

1980  Dr. R. Malcolm Brown, University of North Carolina

1979  Dr. Olle E. Björkman, Carnegie Institution of Washington

1978  Dr. Ralph Lewin, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

1976  Dr. Gerald Prescott, Michigan State University

1975  Dr. Harry Beevers, University of California Santa Cruz

1974  Dr. Theodore Kozlowski, University of Massachusetts

1973  Dr. Kenneth Thimann, University of California Santa Cruz

1972  Dr. Lynn Margulis, University of Massachusetts

1971  Dr. Sherwin Carlquist, Claremont University

1970  Dr. Herbert Mason, University of California Berkeley