SBS Undergraduate Affairs and Grade Appeals Committee process

The SBS Undergraduate Affairs and Grade Appeals Committee will meet and discuss the appeal. The Committee will examine the evidence and consult with the student & instructor as needed.

The Committee cannot and will not attempt to resolve disputes about a student's knowledge of any subject matter such as re-grading. Rather, the committee’s only responsibility is to ensure due process in awarding the course grade.

The Committee cannot adjudicate minor complaints. It cannot and will not take a role purely on the grounds that failure to change a grade will prevent graduation, cause the loss of financial assistance or otherwise impede the student’s progress.

One of three courses of action will be taken by the Committee:

  1. Reject the case, giving the student full and sufficient reason in writing for its refusal to hear the case.
  2. Refer the case back to the instructor or student, while suggesting that a resolution should be reached between them and giving construction suggestions in writing toward that end.
  3. Accept the case unconditionally. Then it will solicit additional information from any source relevant to the case. Supplement the case with interviews if necessary. Consider the full body of evidence. Render its decision within 30 days in writing to both parties, providing reasons for the decision.

Within 30 days from the submission of an appeal, the committee will make a recommendation. The Committee cannot change grades; rather the committee will make a recommendation regarding assignment of the final grade. The student has the right to appeal the decision and submit the appeal immediately to the College of Arts & Sciences Grading Appeals Committee, 1223 Oldfather, Lincoln, NE 68588-0312.