Non-Travel Expense Voucher

Purpose and Use
 This form is used to reimbursement of expenses that do not include any travel.

Non-Travel Expense Voucher Form - PC Version

Non-Travel Expense Voucher Form - MAC Version

Preparation of the Form

  1. Provide claimants full name and address
  2. Provide the name and contact information for the person who is completing the form. If the claimant is completing the form, "Self" should be entered into this field.
  3. List departure name, claimant's phone number, email address and Personnel number
  4. List date and brief description of what was purchased
  5. State a "business purpose" for the items purchased, being as specific as possible
  6. Provide amount of purchase
  7. Claimant's and departmental signature are required.
  8. Provide appropriate cost object(s)
  9. Attached original receipts
  10. Submit to Linda Trouba for verification and processing