Pre-Trip Travel Authorization

Purpose and Use
All travel that requires the expenditure of funds appropiated to or controlled by the University must be authorized before departure is accomplished by completing the Travel Authorization form.

Travel Authorization should be started approximately two weeks prior to the departure date.

Pre-Trip Authorization Form - PC Version

Pre-Trip Authorization Form - MAC Version

Preparation of the Form

  1. Name of individual requesting travel
  2. Traveler's personnel number
  3. Campus address and phone number (where Travel Authorization can be returned once approved)
  4. State the purpose of the trip and its relationship to the travel's position at UNL
  5. Departure and arrival location (itinerary)
  6. Dates and teim of departure and return
  7. If a commercial carrier is used, check one of the boxes. Travel and Transport has an exclusive contract with the University and should be used by traveling by air.
  8. Estimated expenses - list all expenses which will occur during the travel period. State vehicle rental and airfare through Travel and Transport will be billed directly to the University. Registration fees can also be charged to the University directly
  9. List all cost objects indicating specific dollar amounts per cost objects
  10. Signature of traveler and PI/Advisor/Department Chair
Once the trip is approved by department administration, a copy of the form will be kept on file.