Suzanne Ott Prather Memorial Lectureship

The Prather Lecture Series is made possible by an endowment to the School of Biological Sciences from the estate of the late Suzanne Ott Prather. Suzanne Ott Prather was a dedicated scientist and warm human being. In the last years of her life, she elected to work ably and constructively to teach and conduct research in immunology. She did both well until her illness made it physically impossible. During her short career, Suzanne Ott Prather published 17 papers in the field of cancer and cancer associated viruses. Through this endowment, graduate students are able to meet and interact with outstanding scientists.

2021  Dr. Jack Gilbert, University of California-San Diego

2020 Dr. Holly Lutz, University of California-San Diego

2019  Dr. Ann Tate, Vanderbilt University

2018  Dr. Anne Madden, North Carolina State University

2017  Dr. Brian Lazzaro, Cornell University

2016  Dr. Alexander Johnson, University of California, San Francisco

2015  Dr. Ken Stedman, Portland State University

2003  Dr. Cathy Squires, Tufts University School of Medicine

1996  Dr. Joe Krzycki, Ohio State University

1992  Dr. Eva Kashket, Boston University School of Medicine

1990  Dr. Lonnie Ingram, University of Florida

1986  Dr. Janet Rowley, University of Chicago

1983  Dr. Mary Lidstrom, University of Washington

1981  Dr. Fred Rapp, Pennsylvania State University