Transfer Equivalency Procedures

Transfer Credit Validation

Once transfer credit has been accepted by the University and by the College of Arts and Sciences, we can review biology and ancillary courses to determine how and if your transfer credit can apply toward your major requirements.  

  • Bring a course syllabus to Biology Advising for review
  • If you no longer have your syllabus, it would be wise to contact the school to see if you can get a replacement copy.  If this is not possible, bring in everything you do have from the course including, textbooks, assignments, and lab reports, anything that will help us see what you did in the class.
Upon course approval, you will need to meet with an advisor who will help you fill out a substitution form. The advisor will review and sign the form and forward it to the College of Arts and Sciences for final approval.

Education Abroad Validation

If you are considering studying abroad and you want to use courses you take abroad for credit toward your major, you must get them pre-validated. 

  • Pre-validation consists of bringing in the course description and syllabus if possible, to Biology Advising.  The advisors will meet with the Vice Director of the School of Biological Sciences and will review it and let you know how and where the credit will likely transfer.  We only validate biology courses, but other departments operate the same way and should be able to help you get all the classes you need pre-validated.  The pre-validation process can take three to four weeks, so please plan accordingly!

Upon your return, bring your syllabus to Biology Advising and we will have you fill out a validation form for education abroad.  Only upon syllabus review will we be able to validate the course for transfer credit. We will then review the class and forward the neccessary paper work to transfer the course into your degree and major.