Travel Addendum

DO NOT use the Travel Addendum to replace an itemized receipt. Every effort should be made to obtain an itemized receipt for meal expenses equal to or greater than $5.00. (It may be necessary to call the restaurant after the fact.)

If you have a copy of a cancelled check (front and back), a copy of an original receipt, or a credit card transaction receipt (non-itemized) for the original, mark box #1 and fill in the appropriate section.

No Itemized Receipt Provided
If purchasing food from a concession stand, festival, fairs, ball parks or small establishments who do not provide receipts, mark box #3 and fill in the dailyitemized meal log portion of the form. The date, city, state, name of the establishment, meal details and amount (including tips) must be recorded.

Alcoholic beverages and the associated taxes are not reimbursable and should be deducted and not claimed.

Lost Receipts
If a receipt was provided but it was lost, i.e. lodging or registration, mark box #2 or #3 and fill in the non-meal expense portion of the form. This circumstance should be very rare.

Travel Addendum Form