Purpose and Use
The Employee Expense Voucher form is used for reimbursement of travel expenses for University employees conducting University business.

  • Claims made for reimbursement of travel should be submitted within 60 days from last date of trip completion.
  • If non-grant funded, submit to Linda Trouba.
  • If granted funded, submit to Barb Nordmeyer.
Only one expense voucher per trip is allowed. Original receipts marked "paid" are required for all reimbursement of all claims except those for food and miscellaneous items under $5.00. No credit card receipts will be accepted unless well detailed.

Travel Expense Voucher Form - PC Version

Travel Expense Voucher Form - MAC Version

Airfare and registration fees are the only expenses that can be paid in advance by the University. Fox World Travel is the University's contracted travel agent and should be used for booking airfare.

Preparation of the Form
  1. Provide claimant's full name and campus mailing address
  2. Provide name and contact information for the person who's completing the form. If the claimant is completing the form "Self"  should be entered.
  3. List department name, claimant's telephone number, email address and Personnel number.
  4. Indicate type of motor vehicle used
  5. Provide a brief description for purpose of trip
  6. Departure and arrival times are required. For meal purposes using a.m. or p.m. indicators.
  7. Meals are to be listed on a daily basis for the actual amount spent and receipts must be attached. Appropriate documentation consists of a detailed itemization listing the date, amount and restaurant for each meal including tips
  8. Destinations must be listed
  9. A folio hotel receipt must be provided for lodging expense claimed. You must indicate if lodging costs were shared with another individual. If a room is shared, the Employee Expenses Vouchers will need to be submitted together.
  10. If a personal vehicle was used, post all mileage accumulated during the day.
  11. The miscellaneous column should include all various expenses incurred such as:
  • Airline tickets if purchased by the claimant, include airfare situation report
  • Car Rental
  • Gasoline costs if University car is used and State of Nebraska credit card not accepted or for rental car
  • Parking Receipts
  • Telephone Charges
  • Any other expenses incurred, not previously listed
  1. Record any charges for taxi service as a daily amount
  2. Column total at the bottom of the form and on the right side are calculated automatically
  3. Original claimant's signature is required. Copies, stamped or fax signatures are not allowed.
  4. Provide cost object where expenses are to be charged.
  5. If amount being claimed is less than the expense total, please enter reimbursement amount in the "Note Area"
  6. Submit signed form and original receipts to Linda Hotovy (non-grant funded) or Barb Nordmeyer (grant-funded) for processing.