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Dr. Michael Herman

Research and teaching in the School of Biological Sciences spans and integrates across all levels of biological organization, from molecules to ecosystems. Our faculty are active in research that is well supported by external funding and publish widely. We are committed to innovation in teaching and learning methods to provide an excellent educational experience for our students. Biological Sciences is one of the largest undergraduate majors in the College of Arts & Sciences and students of all levels are actively involved in research. We serve as a hub of the life sciences research and education in Nebraska and the world. We embrace diversity and thrive on multiple perspectives to achieve scientific excellence. We value our responsibility to engage communities and communicate science and research. Our mission is to:

  • Generate new foundational knowledge that advances basic scientific discovery; 
  • Prepare a new generation of citizens, through innovative educational practices, to become leaders in the Life Sciences and to meet the challenges of our changing world; 
  • Foster a collaborative environment that bridges disciplines, units, and the University of Nebraska system leading to translational research across the Life Sciences; 
  • Engage with the public, government, non-profits, and private partners to find solutions to local and global challenges. 

I invite you to investigate our website and see for yourself!

-- Michael Herman, Director, School of Biological Sciences

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