Broader Equity Resources

The series of virtual conversations are intended to help students, faculty, staff, alum and the greater community understand and embrace the opportunities we have to create a greater sense of inclusion for all. #NCLUDE is a space to talk candidly about inclusive excellence being a part of our everyday interactions.

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Office of Diversity & Inclusion
The Office of Diversity and Inclusion facilitates various programs and supports efforts to enhance diversity and inclusion on the UNL campus.

  • Contact:; 402-472-0148

Racial Equity Resources
List of resources regarding racial equity.

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Statements and Resources Across UNL
This webpage contains public statements made by various campus units.

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Chancellor's Commissions and Collaboratives
The Chancellor's Commissions engage in dialogue with the Chancellor on particular focal areas (i.e., the Status of People of Color, the Status of Women, the Status of Gender and Sexual Identities, and to Prevent Sexual Misconduct).

  • Contact: see webpage listed.