Student Jobs
Student Jobs

Undergraduate Education Assistants

The School of Biological Sciences welcomes application from undergraduates to assist our faculty members with instructional activities including teaching assistants, learning assistants, graders, lab prep workers and lab office managers.

Internships in the Human Anatomy Lab and Human Physiology Lab are also available.

Application Deadline: May 10, 2024.

If it is after the application due date and you would like to be considered for a BioSci student worker position, please speak with the faculty member or lab manager you would like to work with.

Teaching Assistants

  • Required: Completed the course with a minimum grade of B or better
  • Work 10 hours per week
  • Teach a one 3-hour lab section or two 1-hour recitation sections
  • Required to attend weekly training meetings at the time designated by the course supervisor
  • Includes time spent in the classroom, office hours and tutoring, grading, proctoring and preparation
  • Prior experience highly desired
  • Possible teaching assistant internships opportunities available to gain experience

Learning Assistant

  • Required: Complete the course with a minimum grade of B or better
  • Work 10 hours per week
  • Attends the course as the enrolled students to assist the professor
  • Includes time spent in the classroom, weekly pre-chapter meetings, office hours and tutoring, grading and answering questions


  • Required: Complete the course with a minimum grade of B or better
  • Work 10 hours per week
  • Assists professor in preparing assignments, grading and entering grades into Blackboard

Undergrad Education Assistant Application

Lab Prep Worker

  • Work 10 hours per week
  • Set up and break down weekly labs, preparation of lab materials and solution
  • Clean and organize labs, set up equipment and equipment care
  • Take care of living organisms (plants and animals)

Lab Office Worker

  • Work 10 hours per week
  • Deal with student absences, make up exams and late assignments
  • Copy and distribute materials, maintains files

Undergrad Lab Prep Worker Application

Employment Terms:

  • All assistants are employed from one week prior to the start of classes through the end of finals week. They are required to be on campus for this entire employment period excluding student holidays listed on the University Calendar.
  • Fall Semester: August-December
  • Spring Semester: January-May
  • Students are paid hourly distributed in bi-weekly installments

For Credit

BIOS 395 Internship

A combination of work outside the university and academic work in biological sciences arranged through Career Services. BIOS 395 will not count toward a major in biological sciences. 1-3 credits, Pass/No Pass only.

Contact a faculty member whose research interests you. Develop a plan with the faculty member. Arrange for the faculty member to fill out and sign the internship form. Take the completed and signed form to 402 Manter Hall to obtain permission to enroll.

Internship for Credit Form

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