Here are customized step-by-step instructions for shoppers in the School of Biological Sciences. These instructions should guide you through a basic purchase.

Setting up your eSHOP Profile More eSHOP Training Resources


1.  Log-in to eSHOP via

  • Log-in (Username is NU ID listed on N-Card)
  • Click the eSHOP tab near the top
  • Click the blue "Launch eSHOP" button. This will open a new window so make sure it allows pop-up windows.

2.  Search by typing directly into the search box, or select a store to look within a particular store.

  • Major vendors include Fisher Scientific, Grainger, Office Depot, Dell, UNL Apple Sales, GovConnection Computers, etc.

3.  Order an item

  • Click "Add to Cart" for fully integrated stores
  • Click "Order from Supplier" to add to your cart from "punch-out" vendors. This will take you to their website. Add order to cart, then click on "Check Out" cart, "Return Cart to Purchasing Application," or equivalent. It will return you to eSHOP.
  • Optional: Click "Add Favorite" to save frequently purchased items in your favorites

4.  Check out by clicking the Shopping Cart icon in the top right

  • Optional: Name your cart in the upper left "Name this cart" to help you remember the contents
  • Click on "Proceed to Checkout"

5.  Accounting

  • Confirm Cost Center and GL Account category under "Accounting Codes"
  • To change, click on "Edit", then "Select from profile values.." and finally "Recalculate and Save"
  • IMPORTANT: Under "Internal Notes and Attachments" add an Internal Notes that describes the specific business propose. This needs to be a detailed sentence about how this will be used, not just a genetic phase about research.
  • Note any specific time requirements for delivery that differ from "as soon as possible without additional shipping charges"

6.  Complete by clicking on "Assign Cart." Click "Assign."