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Research Interests

Research in our laboratory addresses problems of parasite ecology, with a focus on processes that determine the distribution and numbers of symbiotic organisms among host species. We have used a number of different systems, but most often these have involved the helminth communities of frogs and small fish, insects and their gregarine parasites, and more recently, nematomorphs. My students typically do problems that integrate host specificity, development, and transmission. Much of our work is done using the Cedar Point Biological Station as a base of operation.

Current projects include the following: movement of parasites through ecosystems and determinants of population and community structure, with a focus on the parasites of amphibians and reptiles (Matthew Bolek and Gabriel Langford), determinants of community and population structure in Monogenoidea of minnows in flowing waters (Alaine Knipes), and a variety of taxonomic and developmental studies on the gregarine parasites of insects, expecially beetles. There are also a number of undergraduates who do research in our lab; most of their projects concern the biology of gregarine parasites. Honors thesis projects from recent years include the dynamics of carbohydrate accumulation in different gregarine cell compartments, host specificity of actinocephalid gregarines in odonates, and distribution of Monogenea on the gills of centrarchid fishes.

Recent Publications

Recent Papers and Book Chapters:

  • Janovy, J. Jr. 2002. Defining the field: Concurrent infections and the community ecology of helminth parasites. J. Parasitol., 88:440-445. (invited review).
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  • Janovy, J. Jr., J. Detwiler, S. Schwank, M. G. Bolek, A. K. Knipes, and G. J. Langford. 2007. New and emended descriptions of gregarines from flour beetles (Tribolium spp. and Palorus subdepressus: Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae). J. Parasitol. 93:1155-1170.
  • Knipes, A. K., and J. Janovy, Jr. 2009. Community structure and seasonal dynamics of Dactylogyrus spp. (Monogenea) on the fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas) from the Salt Valley Watershed, Lancaster County, Nebraska. J. Parasitol., 95:1295-1305.
  • Langford, G. J., and J. Janovy, Jr. 2009. Comparative life cycles and life histories of North American Rhabdias spp. (Nematoda: Rhabdiasidae): lungworms from snakes and anurans. J. Parasitol., 95:1145-1155.
  • Bolek, M. G., and J. Janovy, Jr. 2007. Small frogs get their worms first: the role of non-odonate arthropods in the recruitment of Haematoloechus coloradensis and Haematoloechus complexus in newly metamorphosed northern leopard frogs, Rana pipiens, and Woodhouse’s toads, Bufo woodhousii. J. Parasitol., 93:300-312.
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Films (screenplays):

  • Janovy, J. Jr. 1985. Keith County Journal. Nebr ETV, 16mm and video, 58min. (1986 Corp. Publ. Broadcasting, 1st place in local information programming category. 1987 Central Educational Network, 1st place in local programming category. 1986 29th Annual New York Film and TV Festival finalist.)

Invited Essays:

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Laboratory Manuals:

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  • Clopton, R. E. and J. Janovy, Jr. 1991. FieldStat 1.0 and MacFieldStat 1.0, Hotel Intestine Software, Lincoln, NE (Menu driven statistical package for parasitology teaching and research). Upgrades and application additions, FieldStat 2.0, 2000