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Majors: Biology, microbiology

Minors: Humanities in medicine

Hometown: Lincoln, NE

Year: Freshman

Why did you select your majors and minor?
Were there any events or people that convinced you to declare? From a young age, I had always dreamt of becoming a physician and this ambition led me to develop an interest in biology which quickly became my favorite of the sciences. So I decided to major in it! I also really loved the biology department faculty—they are genuinely the most welcoming individuals you'll encounter. I then wanted to add a microbiology major because I realized I also wanted to take a higher-level science course to prepare me for the MCAT. The biochemistry minor also came naturally since it overlapped with a lot of other classes I was planning to take anyway. Finally, the reason I chose humanities in medicine as a minor was because I have a long-term goal of establishing a nonprofit to aid the underserved people of our world.

What is your favorite course you have taken from your programs and why?
My favorite course I have taken so far is biology (but I may be biased). Exploring the intricacies of life and understanding the interconnectedness of all organisms on our planet was truly captivating. Additionally, the laboratory class provided an amazing learning atmosphere. I loved the opportunity to design experiments and generate my own findings, making the learning experience immensely enjoyable.

Who have been some of your strongest mentors or role models here?
Dr. Burks has been an invaluable mentor, providing tremendous support during my initial transition to college. Additionally, Dr. Kristi, my PI in the lab where I work, has been exceptionally supportive and delightful to collaborate with. Throughout my first year of undergraduate research, her guidance has been instrumental, and I've gained invaluable knowledge and skills under her mentorship.

Do you have research experience?
The current project is in collaboration with my Genetics Fly Lab with Dr.Kristi and Dr.Ian Keesly. In my current prpject, I am exploring the female ovaposition preferences in relation to changes in temperature and ethanol percentages. I am planning to do this by conducting my experiment over a temperature gradient metal plate in which I will place flies in petri dishes and record videos to track movement and activity of the flies. As of now I have designed what my metal gradient will be composed of which is plexiglass and I am waiting to hear back from Innovation Campus as they will be creating it.

Have you had an internship or job? If so, how have your majors helped you with it?
I am currently working as a Patient Care Technician at Bryan Health in medical/surgery. Here, I work closely with RNs to help patients as they recover from their surgery. I mainly record vital signs, such as blood pressure, pulse, and temperatures of my patients while ensuring their comfort and well-being while under medical supervision. My major has helped me understand some of the diagnoses that the patients I encounter have and it has been quite insightful for me.

What are you involved in on campus or in the community?
I am currently involved in student government as I am in the Freshmen Campus Leaders Association (FCLA) in which I volunteer on a regular basis and write bills to ensure the betterment of our campus. I am also an active member of Delta Xi Nu Multicultural Sorority where I help out with fundraisers to raise money for our philanthropy with missing and exploited children. Finally, I am Minority Pre-Health Association (MPHA) because it's a wonderful community of like-minded individuals and I enjoy the healthcare workers they bring in to talk to us about their careers. What are your plans after graduation? After I complete my undergraduate here at UNL, I plan to attend medical school to achieve my MD.