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Emeritus Professor Biological Sciences wwagner1@unl.edu Manter Hall 056

Research Interests

I am interested in the evolution of animal communication systems, particularly the evolution of signals used by males to attract females, and the evolution of female responses to these male signals. My current projects primarily address the evolution of male signals and female mating preferences in the variable field cricket, Gryllus lineaticeps. This work includes: (1) the effect of natural and sexual selection on the evolution of male singing behavior; (2) the direct benefits and costs of female mating preferences; and (3) the role of female behavior in driving the evolution of male contributions to female fitness.

I use a variety of approaches in my research, including within-population estimates of selection, across-population comparisons, lab-based measurements of behavioral energetics, experimental analyses of the costs and benefits of male signals and female preferences, and quantitative genetics.

Recent Publications

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  • Evolution of Male and Female Reproductive Behavior
  • Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
  • A.B. Univeristy of California-Berkeley